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Watch Clips from Paula Deen's E! True Hollywood Story

Scandal-plagued ex-food TV person Paula Deen gets the E! True Hollywood Story treatment in an episode that premieres tonight. According to a press release, the THS — which features interviews with Deen's sons Bobby and Jamie, but not Paula herself — promises "a rags to riches tale" and a revisit of the "dark summer days that threw Deen's empire into a tailspin." (The portrayal will theoretically be more flattering than Law & Order: SVU's Deen-inspired episode.)

The episode also drops super-major bombshells like the fact that "Paula's dogs played matchmaker one afternoon" when she met husband Michael Groover, and the fact that she fights with her kids sometimes, especially while they're working. Says son Jamie Deen, "There was a time where my mother and my relationship was really damaged... and yeah, she said 'I hate you.' And I didn't say 'I hate you too,' but I was thinking it so hard I'm surprised she didn't hear me." Also, a look at some of Deen's vocal supporters. The episode airs tonight, October 14, at 10p.m. on E!. But first, the clips, below:

Video: Paula Deen's Son Reveals Ugly Spat

Video: How Paula Deen Met Her Husband

Video: Paula Deen's Supporters Speak Out

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