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The Taco Cannon Arms Race Gets Serious in Austin


Austin, Texas appears to be the battleground for a brewing taco cannon war: last year, Texas taco chain Torchy's Tacos partnered with local music festival Fun Fun Fun Fest to create a taco cannon. This year, the festival is partnering with another local taco place, Tamale House, for reasons unknown. There seem to be hard feelings about this breakup on both sides, and now there's a delightful Torchy's "battle cry" video featuring the theme song from Veronica Mars.

On September 18, FFF Fest wrote on their Facebook page, "ALERT: We have just been informed that someone has tried to steal our beloved taco cannon concept, and has apparently developed a false cannon. You know the truth. Please express your feelings below, so that they may guide us in our quest for justice." The original post has been pulled — although it's available on the mobile site still — but according to the Austin American Statesman references a tweet of a photo of a taco cannon in front of Torchy's.

Fast forward to today, and Torchy's battle cry. According to the video below, which the chain released on YouTube, FFF Fest trademarked the term Taco Cannon without telling them and declined a second partnership, partnering instead with Tamale House. Stump Fluff LLC, which owns Fun Fun Fun Fest, applied for a trademark for the term "Taco Cannon" on June 28.

While the video admirably notes that the folks at Torchy's think Tamale House tacos "kick ass," it also claims the new FFF Fest cannon is actually a rented t-shirt gun. (Burn.) According to the video, "It's not cool that you're making us look like thieves and claiming this product launcher thing as 'your idea.'" Watch the video below and see what you think; check out a photo of Torchy's new, tricked out cannon here.

Video: Torchy's Battle Cry

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