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Behold the KFC Go Cup, a Hands-Free Fried Chicken Holder for Your Car

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Photo: KFC

KFC understands the difficulties of balancing an on-the-go lifestyle with eating fried chicken, so the company has released "Go Cups" which fit into car cup holders. Inside each Go Cup are potato wedges and either: Chicken Littles® sandwiches, Original Recipe® Bites, Hot Wings™, Original Recipe® Boneless, or Extra Crispy™ Tenders. KFC is calling the Go Cup "the perfect on the go snack." (The Extra Crispy™ Tenders Go Cup clocks in at 540 calories and 1440 mg of sodium.) The Go Cup costs $2.49.

With Go Cups, KFC joins the roster of fast food chains committed to making eating not require the use of hands. This year Burger King created the Hands Free Whopper Holder for multitasking burger-eaters. Like KFC, McDonald's Japan has also tried to streamline the car dining experience with a nifty french fry holder.

This isn't KFC's first attempt to make shoveling fried chicken into your face easier than ever before. Back in April, the chain announced their plan to create chicken free of irritating bones and difficult to eat skin. They also created a series of ads built around the tagline "I ate the bones" to show the dangers of inhaling fried chicken with bones and skin. In the ad for Go Cups below, two cops illustrate the supreme convenience of having fried food sitting in a cup in your car. Go, watch:

Video: KFC - Rookie - Go Cup :30

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