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The Washington Post Kills Off Its Food Section's Blog

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When it rains it pours: Following the news of Gourmet Live getting the ax, now the Washington Post is killing off All We Can Eat, the food section's blog. Timed concurrently with a management shakeup, a bunch of blogs over at WaPo are shutting down (including Celebritology). Writes Tim Carman, the blog's editor:

As The Post looks for innovative ways to compete in a media landscape that's so fragmented and competitive, management has decided that throwing 1,000 blogs at the problem isn't the solution... The Food section is still a vibrant, valuable part of the paper, and it will continue to be. If anything, All We Can Eat's closure frees some of our time to pursue bigger-picture projects that we've only talked about in the past...

Future food/dining-related blog-type things will now land on WaPo's Going Out Gurus blog. Things like Top Chef recaps will just land on the Food section home page. Carman tells Eater DC that he's not going anywhere, and will be starting up a new weekly feature soon for WaPo (but the details are under wraps).

All We Can Eat actually won "best food blog" in the 2010 Association of Food Journalist awards. In the sudden announcement, Carman called the blog "the dog that's always hungry and won't stop howling until you feed it a new scrap of meat." Now the company just took out the dog and shot it out back.

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