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Brave Seattle Woman to Eat Only Starbucks For a Year

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Photo: williamd / Flickr, 1yearofmylife

Seattle citizen Beautiful Existence (her legal name) "designs year-long challenges for herself." As in, one year she only bought stuff from Goodwill, and this year she is only eating food from Starbucks (as well as their numerous recent acquisitions like Tazo Tea and Evolution Fresh). Sounds...actually not that hard, but maybe a little boring? Which is actually why she's doing it, to limit the variety of her diet.

Anyway, Existence tells she's doing it to experience the plight of those less fortunate than Americans:

"We're really lucky and I would say actually spoiled as Americans because we have all these different eating options...You go to all these other countries and they don't have these luxuries. Really? Is it really going to be that hard for one year of my life to limit my menu? We'll find out."

She's also doing it because women are important. Citing Jared the Subway Guy and Super Size Me, Existence asks on her blog, "But when I watched those guys doing their thing I asked myself 'where are the WOMEN challenging themselves in the world?'" Indeed, where are all the women challenging themselves to eat Starbucks oatmeal every day for breakfast?

The daily cost for Existence to "limit her menu" to Starbucks food has been approximately $18.79/day so far. Thus, over the course of the year, she can expect to spend almost $7,000 eating at the coffee shop. According to the USDA, the average adult woman spends about $3,000 a year on groceries.

Anyway, Existence is trying to get one of her chef buddies to tell her how to make sushi from stuff at Evolution Fresh. And, duh, she's blogging about her experience.

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