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Mexican Restaurant Uniforms Explain 'How to Catch an Illegal Immigrant'

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Photo: @CoreyHutchins

A Mexican restaurant in South Carolina is facing a shitstorm for its racially insensitive employee uniforms that explain "how to catch an illegal immigrant" — by using tacos inside a box trap. The Palmetto Public Record explains that Taco Cid is the only remaining location of what used to be a small restaurant chain, writing that, "Since it's safe to say the owner isn't going out of his way to attract an authentic Latino clientele, it's not exactly hard to see why."

The restaurant's Facebook page is already the predictable mix of people calling the restaurant management bigots and rednecks, as well as a ton of people who want to know where they can buy the shirt. Taco Cid has also posted a lengthy statement on its website explaining that the shirts "were created as a witty and comical statement regarding ILLEGAL immigrants" and claims that the restaurant and its employees are not racist, citing tax-related objections to illegal immigration.

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Taco Cid

1416 Charleston Highway, West Columbia, SC

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