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The Early Word on Flavor Flav's New Michigan Restaurant Flav's Chicken & Ribs

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Rapper/restaurateur Flavor Flav celebrated the grand opening Flav's Chicken & Ribs just a few weeks ago in Sterling Heights, Michigan, just outside Detroit. The former Public Enemy member stoked a media frenzy, both hanging out with fans and doing radio shows to promote the restaurant, his third restaurant attempt in the past two years. He even told the Macomb Daily last week that he is "thinking about taking this restaurant and turning it into a venue. Some reality TV right here in this restaurant. The black version of 'Happy Days' right in this restaurant."

But what did everyone think about the actual chicken and ribs? Here now, a look at what the early diners are saying about Flav's Chicken & Ribs.

The Great News: MLive reporter Eric Lacy hung out at the restaurant opening and tried out the food while he was at it: "I ordered the four piece half chicken (Midwest farm raised and free range) with green beans ($7.99) and had no complaints. My two-word review of the food I had: "Yeah boyeee!!!!" Most patron seemed to enjoy it, too. Some orders included some fries that appeared a little soggy, and the owners admit the barbecue sauce is a work in progress, but overall it's quality food." [MLive]

The Bad Bread News: Most Urbanspooners didn't seem too enthralled with the restaurant, including Sal Rubino, who complained mostly about the bread: "Went to the new Flavor Flav's in Sterling Heights on 15 mile! Don't waste your time or money! Got a chicken sandwich combo, cost me 8 bucks, bread was hard as a rock! Took to the manager and he told me "I assure you we get fresh bread everyday! Not even a sorry! He made a new sandwich with fresh bread but he still didn't believe the bread was stale! I have to question the quality control! You can get the exact sandwich at Wendy's for half the price!" [Urbanspoon]

The Bad Foursquare News: Flavor Flav's sole Foursquare tip from Rachel P. brings more bad news: "Very disappointing. I'm not sure what I expected though. Anything associated with Flavor Flav can't be too great." [Foursquare]

The Good For The Neighborhood News: Commenter Hypestyle shared his grand opening weekend experience on the Hudlin Entertainment Forum, reporting on huge crowds, lots of Flavor Flav kitsch and "pretty good" food. He concludes: "For this business to be successful, it's going to take a sustained clientele to come here for the food, and not the remote chance of seeing Flav flour-dusting chicken breasts. Still, for a city/region that has all the ongoing problems it has, it's good to see something like this take place." [Hudlin Entertainment Forum]

The Love-It-Or-Hate-It News: Although one Yelper came in with nothing but love for the rapper, he discovered a boring biscuit, decent chicken that was "better than KFC," chewy and old bacon in his baked beans and "bland and sloppy" mac and cheese. But hey, the mashed potatoes were good: "I was deeply dissapointed, even though I still love Flavor Flav. I feel that, like Flaor Flav himself, people are going to either love this place or hate this place." [Yelp]

The Good But Constructive Criticism News: Another Yelper really liked the place, awarding it four stars, but offers some ideas: "The wait time to GET the food once ordered...well, let's just say it stretches the definition of "fast" in "fast food". I almost get the vibe that Flav would be better served trying to open this as a "restaurant" rather than "a fast food joint". And if he actually IS trying to run it as a restaurant and not a fast food joint...well, then it's a restaurant dressed up as a fast food joint, because it looks like the interior of every Wendy's, McDonald's, Burger King, etc., on the planet. But, given the quality of the food...well worth the wait. If the place itself were "dressed up" a bit, and had actual servers, etc., it might actually be worthwhile trying the "restaurant" angle." [Yelp]

Flav's Chicken & Ribs

8200 15 Mile Rd Sterling Heights, MI 48312

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