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Bluefin Tuna Sells For Record $1.76 Million in Tokyo

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Kiyoshi Kimura, a businessman who owns the Sushi Zanmai chain of restaurants in Japan, has once again set the record for purchasing the most expensive bluefin tuna ever. According to the New York Times, Kimura paid 155.4 million yen (US $1.76 million) for the 488 pound fish. That's around $3,600 per pound. Kimura also set the same record about a year ago when he paid $736,000 for a 593 pound bluefin.

Bluefin tuna is normally pricey due to overfishing, but the price here was also inflated because "restaurant owners...compete annually for the prestige of buying the year's first tuna" at Tokyo's Tsukiji fish market. Kimura apparently got in a bidding war with another restaurant owner, which is why this tuna cost so much more than last year's. Below, video of Kimura's big, expensive fish:

Video: Sushi Restaurant Owner Bids $1.7M for Tuna

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