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Here Are the Drunkest Cities in America

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Are these the drunkest cities in all the land? The slideshow listicle peddler The Daily Beast says, "Yes." Using data like average number of alcoholic drinks per month and CDC numbers on binge/heavy drinkers, the list determines that Boston is the drunkest city with 20.1% of the population classified as binge drinkers. Boston was #1 on last year's list, too.

Notable movement in the list includes Norfolk, VA (from #24 last year to #2 this year), Charleston, SC (from #12 to #4), and Austin, TX (from #7 to #5). Do note that somehow New Orleans was not on the top 25 last year, but places #7 this year. Congratulations, everybody, and keep up the hard work.

The Daily Beast's Drunkest US Cities of 2012

1.) Boston
2.) Norfolk, Va.
3.) Milwaukee
4.) Charleston, S.C.
5.) Austin, Texas
6.) Hartford-New Haven, Conn.
7.) New Orleans
8.) Chicago
9.) Washington, D.C.
10.) Providence, R.I.
11.) Minneapolis-St. Paul
12.) Omaha, Neb.
13.) Baltimore
14.) Springfield, Mass.
15.) Denver
16.) Baton Rouge, La.
17.) Reno, Nev.
18.) San Francisco
19.) Philadelphia
20.) Fargo, N.D.
21.) Las Vegas
22.) Buffalo, N.Y.
23.) St. Louis
24.) Cleveland
25.) Burlington, Vt.

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