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Pastor Avoids Tip: 'I Give God 10%. Why Do You Get 18?'

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[Photo: gateflan / Reddit]

Some poor server posted this receipt to Reddit, in which an unnamed pastor tried to get out of paying his tip. Wrote the pastor, "I give God 10%. Why do you get 18?" As with all receipts of this nature, it's hard to say whether it's real or not, so take this as you will. According to the server, the party was a table of 20 that had an 18% automatic gratuity on the check. Somehow the group ended up paying about a third of the autograt, despite their best efforts to wriggle out of it. Writes the server, "They asked for separate checks, thinking it would get them out of the autograt, even though the same man paid for everything."

Apparently Reddit goons have been trying to track down the pastor and targeted a few false leads about it on Twitter. A pastor Wes Bell denied that he left the receipt on Twitter and said he didn't support that kind of tipping behavior. None of the pestered pastors have been the right one and the server asks that people stop trying to track him down.

Update 1/31: The pastor came forward, and the server has been fired.

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