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9 Astronomically Expensive Restaurant and Club Receipts

Whales are out there, and here's the proof: nine receipts from around the world for exorbitant restaurant, bar and nightclub tabs. How does a whale get the check so high? Automatic gratuities on big parties have a lot to do with it, but then again so do the ultra pricey Ace of Spades champagne bottles these high rollers keep buying for their entourages. Below, from only moderately pricey to wow that night out cost more than a house, the super rich show they know how to have a good time.

bears-receipt.jpg[Photo: @iidonije]

9) $38,091.91

Where: Mastro's Steakhouse, Chicago.
Who: Chicago Bears defensive lineman Israel Idonije and some Bears rookies.
Big Ticket Items: Four $9,999 Bears dinners — that turned out to be a prank to haze the rookies. Still, the real bill was at least $4,000.

receipt-1.jpg [Photo: Reddit]

8) £44,660.26 ($69,424.37)

Where: An unnamed London restaurant.
Who: 15 Olympics officials.
Big Ticket Items: A £19,000 bottle of Hennessy from 1853.


7) AED 387,988 (US $105,632)

Where: Cavalli Club, Dubai.
Who: Anonymous birthday partiers.
Big Ticket Items: A AED 125,000 Methuselah of Cristal.

[Photo: Rose Club]

6) £71,000 ($111,000)

Where: London's The Rose Club.
Who: Nine anonymous London bankers.
Big Ticket Items: £7,200 worth of Dom Perignon (that's six magnums), and seven bottles of something called Mahiki Coconut that cost £160 each. There was a £7,956 service charge, and they tipped an extra £10,000 on top of that.

eater-nikki-beach-receipt.jpg[Photo: nazam_nazou/Instagram]

5) €107,524 ($132,000)

Where: Nikki Beach, St. Tropez
Who: 16 Rich Kids of Instagram
Big Ticket Items: One Methusaleh and two Jeroboams of Dom, priced at €50,000 and €20,000 each, respectively.

[Photo: CBS]

4) $135,060

Where: Chicago club Board Room.
Who: An anonymous fan of Zac Efron and Heather Graham, who were at the club.
Big Ticket Items: A Nebuchadnezzar of Armand de Brignac, AKA the Ace of Spades.

Bruins-Bar-Tab-Full.jpg[Photo: mtaylo / Reddit]

3) $156,679

Where: Shrine at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods, Mashantucket, Connecticut.
Who: The Boston Bruins.
Big Ticket Items: A $100,000 bottle of champagne.

tryst-receipt-full.jpg[Photo: @SI_BenReiter / Twitter]

2) 189,375.98

Where:Tryst nightclub at the Wynn in Las Vegas.
Who: Unknown.
Big Ticket Items: Five $25,000 bottles of champagne, the $29,581.20 autograt.

[Photo: Playground]

1) £203,948.80 (about $323,000)

Playground in Liverpool.
Who: 23 year old British moneyman Alex Hope
Big Ticket Items: An Ace of Spades, 42 £3 "Pussy Shots."

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