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Inside Club 33, Disneyland's $10,000 Per Year Dining Club

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Say hello to Club 33, the famously exclusive, quasi-secretive club in New Orleans Square at Disneyland in Anaheim, Calfornia. Open since 1967, the club costs $10,000 a year and has a $25,000 initiation fee per person. The steep price tag is mere pocket change for a whale, though, and when Disney opened up 100 new memberships last Spring, there was an 800-person waiting list. Celebrities who belong to the club allegedly include Tom Hanks, Christina Aguilera and Elton John. Oh, and it's the only restaurant in the Happiest Place on Earth where one can procure an alcoholic beverage.

Inside Club 33

So what does one get with membership? Access to Club 33 for the member and guests, obviously, plus access to the brand new 1901 lounge in the Disney California Adventure section of Disneyland. It also includes itinerary planning and valet parking. A Club 33 member who did a Reddit IAMA a few months ago says he has also gotten upgrades on Disney cruises because of his membership as well as behind the scenes tours of Disneyland attractions.

That said, membership doesn't get you everything: the Club 33 Redditor says you pay for your meal on top of the annual fee, which costs about $150 before alcohol. Reservations, even for members, must be booked months ahead of time, particularly during busy times of year.

Club 33 Details

Club 33 itself is full of memorabilia Walt Disney purchased in New Orleans in the 1960s, although the club's famous harpsichord was built specially for Walt's wife Lillian by Disneyland employees. Unfortunately, Walt Disney died before the club opened.

If you're itching to get into Club 33, your best bet is to get invited by a club member. According to the Reddit IAMA, occasionally members will sell seats to dinner on Craigslist. There don't appear to be any available now, and it seems to be against club rules to offer them, but keep your eyes open. Of course, you can always try your hand at the waitlist by emailing club33interest@disneyland.com, but unless you're famous, good luck getting an actual invite.

Video: Secrets of Club 33

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