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Taco Bell Pulls Commercial Because of Whiny Vegetarians

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Taco Bell has pulled an ad that made fun of people who bring vegetables to football parties, saying that committing such an act is "like punting on fourth and one." (For the non-football fans out there, punting on fourth and one is basically a really boring and safe thing to do.) Oh, and also the ad implies pretty women will think you and your vegetable tray are lame. But never fear, according to the AP, the Center for Science in the Public Interest asked Taco Bell to pull the ad because they thought it "discouraged people from eating vegetables." Wait, Doritos Locos Tacos don't count as a vegetable?

You may remember the killjoy Center for Science in the Public Interest for running the annual "Xtreme Eating Awards" that chronicles the most calorie-laden chain restaurant meals in America. Here's the ad that you won't be seeing on TV anymore:

Will Taco Bell's next move be to pull the commercial that calls Lorena Garcia a "master chef"?

Video: Taco Bell's Veggies on Game Day Ad

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