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Men Sue Subway, Demand Actual 12 Inch Footlong Subs

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Photo: jbrisch/Flickr

Last week news broke that the Subway chain's footlong sandwiches might actually be more like eleven inch sandwiches, and now two unsatisfied customers in New Jersey are taking decisive and bold action. The AP reports that they have sued the company for an unspecified amount and are demanding that Subway change their practices, either by actually making the sandwiches twelve inches or not advertising them as such.

The lawyer for the plaintiffs, Stephen DeNittis, said he's measured sandwiches from 17 area shops and not one has been 12 inches long. Even though Subway claimed that footlong "was just a word" and not an exact measurement, Stephen Colbert noted last week, the chain had been advertising the "corporate scamwich" by specifically claiming it was twelve inches long. The whole controversy started when a man in Australia posted a picture of a ruler on a Footlong to Subway's Facebook page.

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