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Yes, There's a Fifty Shades of Bacon Cookbook

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Behold the Fifty Shades of Bacon cookbook, by Ben Myhre and Jenna Johnson. It's pretty dirty, in keeping with the book it parodies, E.L. James' pulpy best seller Fifty Shades of Grey. The cookbook begins with an intro that takes place in "Hamastasia Pink's" kitchen/dungeon and involves hot bacon grease splattering where you never want hot bacon grease to splatter. Then it's on to a modest selection of recipes for things like bacon meatloaf, bacon wrapped shrimp, and, yes, something called a "Bacon Cupcake Martini." (The book is out now from CreateSpace.) But are there more cookbooks that parody Fifty Shades? Of course there are.

For those of you keeping track, there was already a Fifty Shades of Chicken cookbook. There is also the general/sexy cookbook Fifty Shades Of Gravy: The Cookbook: Rude Recipes For Dirty Dinner Parties, the healthy/sexy Fifty Shades of Kale: Fifty Fresh and Satisfying Recipes That Are Bound to Please (get it?!), and a food-world retelling of the actual Fifty Shades of Grey that also happens to be called Fifty Shade of Gravy. That last one features a culinary student named Vanessa Biscuits and a mysterious Chef Gray, who is "unable to resist [Vanessa's] pedestrian beauty, half wittedness, bland spirit and slavish, dog like devotion...Gray admits he wants her on his own terms – covered in gravy." Sure, why not.

Countless more Fifty Shades cookbook parodies are undoubtedly in the works: perhaps Fifty Shades of Quinoa, Fifty Shades of Cheeseburgers, Fifty Shades of Fried Chicken, Fifty Shades of Cupcakes, Fifty Shades of 'Healthy' Cocktails, Fifty Shades of [Insert On-Trend Food Here] will be published any day now? Get to it, would-be cookbook/erotica authors.

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