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'Anti-Loneliness' Ramen Bowl Holds Phones to Keep Solo Diners Company

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Photo: MisoSoupDesign/Facebook

Since eating ramen alone is apparently a very traumatic experience that affects people worldwide, here is an "anti-loneliness bowl" designed specifically to keep you entertained while eating. According to Gizmodo, the bowl is the brainchild of the design team over at MisoSoupDesign. It features a smartphone dock on the edge of the bowl to make for easy web browsing or chatting and "also doubles as a passive amplifier for your phone's speaker when it's empty."

For now, the bowls are just prototypes that seem to come in black, white and red, but MisoSoupDesign has announced on its Facebook page that the company is "currently accepting limited number of pre-order now. The available date will be around April to May." So anyone who gets really depressed when eating ramen should consider sending an email for pre-order.

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