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Guy Fieri to Open a Wine Tasting Room at His Sonoma Vineyard in California

Photo: Brandon Bourdages/Shutterstock

Who's in the wine business now? Guy Fieri. Sorry. The Flavormeister has purchased a five acre vineyard of pinot noir grapes in Sonoma County, and has plans for organic farming techniques, opening a tasting room, and using "the grounds to educate children about cooking." Fieri tells the Press Democrat he's still toying with the wine's name: "Our son's names are Hunter and Ryder, so we'd call it the 'Hunt and Ryde.'" Naturally.

Fieri's Knuckle Sandwich, LLC (yes, really) has put in an application with the city of Santa Rosa to open the tasting room and hold events there, but there seems to be some concern about the possible noise level. The Press Democrat notes that the road he wants to build on "is popular with bicyclists and songbirds alike," so there is that to consider. Submitted plans for the space include describe "an Italian piazza" with a garden.

So how will this thing taste? Will Fieri's pinot be 100% off the vine? Will you enjoy it so much you might drink it out of a flip-flop, or perhaps from some sort of ice sculpture luge situation? Fieri's attempting to manage expectations: "If we're making wine and someone's drinking it and enjoying it, then it's a success. And it may be just us that's drinking and enjoying it." Flavortown USA will just have to wait to find out. Hopefully his new wine tasting room will sell his "Kewl Wine Totes" to uh, keep your wine nice and kewl.

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