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Watch Top Dog Chef, SNL's Parody of Top Chef

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Last night Saturday Night Live parodied Top Chef with the Dog Channel's hit series Top Dog Chef. The show features host Padma Leash Me, judge Tom Collie-cio, and guest judge Mario Barktali. The challenge was to create a dish using only ingredients from a torn open garbage bag. "And we didn't make it easy," says Collie-cio. "At random intervals, we rang a door bell."

And then there were the cheftestadogs. First, there's Scout the sheep dog (played by Bill Hader), who makes vomit two ways, a "brulee of my own vomit from earlier, and there's fresh vomit on top of it. I've garnished it with a dead bird." There's foam on his dish because, uh, he has rabies. Up next was Bailey (played by guest host Jennifer Lawrence) offering her take on brunch. "It's an egg shell, a candy bar wrapper, and a piece of cat poop." With a "whisper of urine." Finally, Hershie the cinnamon poodle (played by Bobby Moynihan) had nothing to offer because he ate everything. "Right now there's a sock in my stomach, I'm a mess," he says.

And spoiler alert, you guys, Bailey wins. Here's the video. >>>

Video: SNL's Top Dog Chef

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