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Hogan's Beach, Hulk Hogan's Florida Restaurant, Opens: 'The Drinking Has Begun'

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[Photo: Hogan's Beach / Facebook]

Hulk Hogan's "total muscle beach Baywatch experience a la Hogan" Tampa, Florida restaurant Hogan's Beach had its grand opening on New Year's Eve with a masquerade ball. As you can see in the gallery above, Hogan went all out with a white sleeveless tux and a gold mask for the occasion. The former pro-wrestler told local news station WTSP he opened the restaurant because "you get to 60 years old you can't wrestle any more, so this is a logical extension of where I should go with the brand, where I should go with the legacy." Hogan has previously described the restaurant as "Jimmy Buffet's [Margaritaville] times 10; Hooters times 10." Also, it has a mechanical shark.

Hogan's insistence that the restaurant stay away from cheesy wrestling puns did not stop Twitter: over the weekend, tweeting geniuses came up with all kinds of ideas for the menu. "Leg Drop Soup." "Off The Ropa Vieja." "Whatcha Gonna Stew." And, of course, "'The Nacho Man' Randy Savage." Below, WTSP visits Hogan's Beach and discovers "The drinking has already begun, ladies and gentlemen."

Video: Hogan's Beach Opens in Tampa

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