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The Oldest Bakery in Paris Shutters Due to High Rent

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The oldest bakery in Paris, Au Richelieu Boulangerie, is closing after 202 years making bread. Baker Claude Esnault has been with the bakery since 1969, but after the owner of the building doubled the rent, he has been forced to shutter. Esnault is concerned about the neighborhood: "The absence of local facilities will make the area dead. It's like in a village when there's no bakery and no school." A new shop will open in the Au Richelieu Boulangerie location, but they will make sweets, not bread. Below, Reuters filmed Esnault making his last batch of baguettes.

Video: Au Richelieu Boulangerie Closes

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Au Richelieu Boulangerie

51 Rue de Richelieu 75001 Paris, France