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Guy Robs Po' Boy Shop With A Bucket on His Head

In a way, it's impressive that burglar Richard Boudreaux managed to rob a Louisiana seafood market and po' boy shop while wearing a bucket on his head. In another way, it's not. ABC News reports that Boudreaux turned to the bucket after realizing he forgot to pack a mask, despite having otherwise prepared with tools, gloves and camouflage, which of course works equally well in po' boy shops as it does in the woods. Boudreaux broke into Kenney's Seafood in the city of Slidell, outside of New Orleans, where he used to — and will surely never again — work. He took $350, but, since you can't see out of a bucket, he had to peak out now and again, and so his face was captured on footage from a security camera. The robbery occurred last week, and Boudreaux was arrested on Monday, but really his punishment began the moment he stuck his head into a bucket from a seafood market. See below for the security footage.

Video: "Alleged Bucket-Wearing Burglar Caught by Police"

· Alleged Bucket-Wearing Burglar Caught by Police [ABC via NY Daily News]

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