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Watch 'Molecular Mixology' on Parks and Recreation

Photo: NBC

The whole molecular cocktail thing hits Eagleton when the Parks and Recreation crew visits a new bar in town called Essence. There, acrobats perform languid feats while dangling from the ceiling, liquid nitrogen clouds are everywhere, and all drinks are lit from below. There's vodka that comes "as a flash of light," and scotch is served in lotion form, complete with an awkward hand rub from the server. When Tom first presents the idea of going to the bar, Ron goes for it and says, "There's no wrong way to consume alcohol." Later, at the bar, Ron realizes "This is the wrong way to consume alcohol."

The clip prompted chef Grant Achatz, chef and co-owner of progressive cocktail bar The Aviary in Chicago, to tweet Aziz Ansari, who plays Tom, and ask him, "So.... Are you making fun of us? @asizansari?" The show also created a fake drink menu for Essence on its website, including "Night Cap: Dissolvable Cognac earplug ($50 for 2 / $98 for 4)." See that slideshow here.

Video: "The Wrong Way to Consume Alcohol"

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