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National Survey: People Want Better Conditions for Restaurant Workers

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Americans want better working conditions for restaurant employees, says a new survey by the market research firm ORC International, for the National Consumers League. The League reports that "American consumers overwhelmingly support better conditions for restaurant workers" based on the findings of the 1,024 participants surveyed. Here's the breakdown.

· 92% think servers and cooks shouldn't work when sick.
· 57% support paid sick days.
· 82% say the full tip should go directly to whoever served them.
· 78% support "fair wages."
· 66% don't realize that credit card tips might not go in full to their server.
· 89% say they would be more likely to tip in cash, if they knew the management might otherwise get part of the tip.
· 94% say restaurant owners that withhold payment should be penalized
· 87% say that the hourly federal tipped minimum wage ($2.13) should go up.
· 65% don't know about employee misclassification (listing employees as independent contractors to deprive them of benefits and skimp on income taxes), but, once informed...
· 90% say employee misclassification is wrong and...
· 96% say employees misclassified as independent contractors should be notified in writing.

Recently, debate has been stirring in New York City about potential legislation to make paid sick days mandatory for low wage workers. Some politicians oppose such measures for fear that they can hurt small businesses.

· Wage Theft in The Restaurant Industry Survey (PDF) [ORC International]
· Consumers Support Improved Conditions for Restaurant Workers [Via HuffPo]

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