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Bourdain Says the Taste Will Be 'A Constant Shock'

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Cartoon character/chocolatier/non-Guinness spokesperson Anthony Bourdain stopped by Good Morning America to promote his upcoming show The Taste, which premieres January 22 on ABC. As a riff on the show's concept (the so-called "kitchenistas" must prove themselves to the judges with one bite of food) Bourdain brings in some classic flavor combinations: prosciutto with caviar, "really good runny, stinky French cheese" on a baguette, and radishes with butter and sea salt. (GMA, in turn, apparently provided Bourdain with the classic flavor combo of plastic wrap, styrofoam, and muffins.)

As for the show's premise of pitting amateurs against professionals, Bourdain thinks the blind taste tests level the playing field: "Knife work, presentation, heartbreaking back story, their fantastic dentistry or good haircut ain't gonna help 'em." Expect a thrill-a-minute: according to Bourdain, "the way it shook out was a constant shock." Here's the clip:

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