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Watch Portlandia's Check-Splitting Fixer in Action

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Last night on Portlandia, out for an enormous birthday dinner at the tapas restaurant Oba, the group faced one of the most daunting issues facing Americans today: how to split the check. "We know a guy who handles these kinds of bills," says one of the people at the table who makes a phone call. Portland actor Robert Blanche (who's appeared on things like World Trade Center and Grimm) instantly arrives in a Ferrari to take care of the problem. He's a professional check-splitting fixer probably inspired by the Harvey Keitel/Winston Wolfe "cleaner" character from Pulp Fiction. In under a minute, he figures out who had wine, who were the vegetarians, the service charge, and then delivers everyone a dollar figure.

Also don't miss the great Spanish guitar dance from that episode, too.

Video: Restaurant Split Check Fixer

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