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Spring Cookbook Preview, Chefs as Psychopaths, More

<a href="">Eater's Spring 2013 Cookbook and Food Book Preview</a>
Eater's Spring 2013 Cookbook and Food Book Preview

In case you missed them, here are the top stories from the week in Eater:

· Eater's Spring 2013 Cookbook and Food Book Preview
· Chefs Weigh in on the 'Tyranny' of Tasting Menus
· Apparently the Cooking Profession Is Full of Psychopaths
· Noma Head Chef Matt Orlando to Open His Own Restaurant, Amass
· Are Bourbon Drinkers the Best Tippers?
· Watch an 'Invisible Driver' Prank Drive-Thru Attendants
· First Look: Where Chefs Eat, Phaidon's Restaurant Guide

· Top Chef Seattle Episode 10: Operation Dessert Storm
· Just a Bunch of Animated Gifs of Bobby Flay Working Out
· Ricardo Muñoz Zurita on the Richness of Mexican Gastronomy
· DC Restaurant Now Printing AP Headlines With Receipts
· Brave Seattle Woman to Eat Only Starbucks For a Year
· The Washington Post Kills Off Its Food Section's Blog
· Eater Interviews: 15 East and Tocqueville Sommelier Hiromi Kiyama
· Gourmet Live DUNZO After Two+ Years
· The Layover's Dublin Episode: Just the One-Liners
· A Guide to 18 Hot and Essential Restaurants in Spain
· Guardian Food Editor Announces New Section: 'Cock'

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