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Geico Parodies Portlandia's 'Is it Local?' For Ads That Run During Portlandia

During last week's Portlandia season premiere, Geico unveiled a new ad campaign set to run during all 10 episodes of Portlandia that is entirely a spoof on the show's "Is It Local?" sketch. According to AdWeek, the commercial stars Geico's Maxwell the Pig mascot dining at the same restaurant from the original Portlandia episode — with the same actress playing the waitress, too.

In the ad, Maxwell is not so much into the restaurant's pickled garlic pork loin special made from a pig named Edward. Claiming he did not see that in the online review, Maxwell instead asks for the spaghetti and wheatballs. "Oh, and that's wheatballs, OK? With a W. Thanks." Here, go watch.

Video: Piglandia

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