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Watch an 'Invisible Driver' Prank Drive-Thru Attendants

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Pranking fast food employees at the drive-thru window is a time-honored tradition, and so it is that a guy who goes by Magic Of Rahat has contributed the latest iteration of drive-thru pranks: the "Invisible Driver." In the prank, he dresses up in a costume that looks a lot like the actual bucket seats of his car and rolls up to drive-thru windows — so it looks as though no one is in the car at all or, as one employee puts it, like maybe a ghost is driving?

Of course, the reactions are a whole lot of stunned faces, uncontrollable giggling, calling of managers, cell phone picture-taking, frantic looking around, and quotes like, "Am I trippin', son?" Here, go watch:

Video: Drive Thru Invisible Driver Prank

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