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SF's The Melt to Open 100 Grilled Cheese School Buses

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Photo: The Melt

Behold San Francisco's The Melt, one of 100 planned grilled cheese-slinging school buses about to roll out in the Bay Area and various undisclosed US cities over the next five years. That's right, America: here comes the era of the food truck chains. Other businesses have more than one truck (Roy Choi's Kogi in LA, for example) and traditional chains have dabbled in food truckery, but this may just be the first ever massive multi-city expansion of a food truck concept.

The Melt already has five brick-and-mortar locations and specializes in preparing grilled cheese sandwiches. San Francisco area chef Michael Mina consulted with Flip Camera creator Jonathan Kaplan to develop technology to prepare grilled cheese sandwiches within 60 seconds of ordering. The Melt CMO Paul Coletta told Eater SF that they have 500 locations planned included the 100 trucks, and that nine The Melt buses will be up and running by the end of the year.

Eater SF talks to Melt CMO Paul Coletta about expansion plans, school buses, grilled cheese and more. >>>