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The Aviary's Porthole Raises Over $700K on Kickstarter

Photo: Crucial Detail

When Chicago designer Martin Kastner set up a Kickstarter account for the production of the Porthole, the infusion device he created for Grant Achatz's bar the Aviary, his goal was to raise $28,500. Instead, 4,270 Aviary fans decided they wanted a nerd trophy of their very own and put up $736,113. That is almost 26 times as much money as Kastner originally set out to raise.

As the Kickstarter generated more and more cash, Kastner began adding bonuses: at $175,000, he added a sample of tea used at the Aviary to each order. At $300,000, he added two appertif glasses to each order, described as "weighted to stay upright but don't have an actual foot so one is inclined to pour small amounts and sample frequently." Or just drink straight out of your Porthole, either way.

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