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Taco Bell Chef Lorena Garcia Threatens to Make a 'Chicken Caesar Burrito'

Photo: mikebaird/Flickr

Lorena Garcia is the chef/owner of a single airport restaurant, an unsuccessful Top Chef Masters contestant, and a consultant for Taco Bell. She is also a noted critic of molecular gastronomy (which is odd, because, well, Taco Bell). And breaking news via the OC Register: Taco Bell has tasked Lorena Garcia with expanding the Chipotle rip-off "Cantina Bell" menu even further. On tap: "a new quesadilla, a fresh roasted salsa and revamped steak."

According to the OC Register, which was invited to the fast food chain's test kitchens, Garcia is a "key brand ambassador" that "elevates" Taco Bell's menu of "bowls and burritos" with "premium ingredients." Garcia is also in charge of true culinary innovation at the chain that encourages its fans to "Live Mas." To that end, in development is the future-forward "chicken Caesar burrito." Lorena Garcia, who reportedly flies to Taco Bell's headquarters once or twice a month, threatened, "This is only the beginning."

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