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Yes, a Nutella Food Truck Is Traveling Across the Country

The Nutella Truck in Boston.
The Nutella Truck in Boston.
Photo: @lissyrosner / Instagram

Hold on to your croissants, everybody, because the Nutella Truck is coming to town. (Well, unless you live in Boston, in which case the Nutella Truck was already in town and you totally missed it. Sorry.) In order to spread (get it) breakfast-y good cheer and the gospel of Nutella, the hazlenut-chocolate goo company is hitting the road on a twelve city "Breakfast Tour." They're giving out free samples — "up to 5,000 13 oz. jars while supplies last" — and they're lugging around a giant inflatable jar of Nutella. The truck is currently in New York City. Everybody panic, here's the schedule that includes Philadelphia, DC, Atlanta, New Orleans, Dallas, San Francisco, and more:

Nutella's Breakfast Tour Schedule

· New York: September 29 - October 5
· Philadelphia: October 8 - October 13
· Washington, DC: October 16 - October 20
· Atlanta: October 24 - October 27
· Orlando: October 30 - November 3
· New Orleans: November 7 - November 11
· Dallas: November 15 - November 19
· Phoenix: November 24 - November 27
· San Diego: November 30 - December 2
· Los Angeles: December 5 - December 8
· San Francisco: December 11 - December 15

· Nutella USA [Facebook via Gothamist]
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