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Ferran Adrià Reveals Tons of elBulli Foundation Details

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Photo: John Keatley/Wired UK

Greg Williams' cover story for the October issue of Wired UK on Spanish chef Ferran Adrià is the first piece to offer detailed information on the elBulli Foundation, the culinary think tank that will replace Adrià's now-shuttered restaurant in Cala Montjoi, Spain in 2014. First, there's news that La Bullipedia, the online resource for cooking Adrià announced in March and will unveil early next year, will be about 15,000 pages long. This is in addition to the text on the history of modern gastronomy Adrià will develop with the chefs of the G9. As for the foundation:

Construction will start at the beginning of 2013 and is scheduled to take one year to reach completion. As Adrià described to Eater last year, the foundation will bring in 15 or so cooks and just as many people from other disciplines to collaborate; dinners will be served by invitation only.

Perhaps most importantly, the article includes new details on the technology Adrià and telecom giant Telefónica are developing for the foundation. Among them: cooks will wear sensors designed to follow every step of a dish's creation and "analyse the process of serendipity to see if it can be replicated." For the full run-down on plans for the elBulli Foundation and a whole lot of philosophizing from Adrià, see Wired the article.

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