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Is Wine Butt Chugging the New Vodka Tampon-ing?

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Photo: WATE

Hide your kids: A new, astoundingly stupid means of imbibing alcohol is apparently all the rage. What the media is daintily calling "alcohol enemas" — but fraternity brothers at University of Tennessee call "butt chugging" — functions much like a beloved alcoholic threat of yesteryear, vodka tampons. Basically, dumb college kids are forcing wine up their butts with plastic tubes.

If that sounds dangerous, it is: A University of Tennessee student was hospitalized with five times the legal alcohol limit after allegedly butt chugging a bunch of wine. (Although the guy's father disputes the alleged butt chugging.) Seriously, people, drink alcohol with your mouth. Sometimes it even tastes good. Below, local news anchors are forced to say "butt chugging" more than once — expect more scaremongering reports a la the vodka eyeballing panic of 2010.

Video: Memphis Man Hospitalized After Alcohol Enema At Frat House

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