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Watch Daniel Humm Talk Showmanship on Charlie Rose

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New York chef Daniel Humm went on Charlie Rose to discuss cooking, biking, showmanship and the new New York-tastic menu at his restaurant Eleven Madison Park. Humm talks about doing research for the EMP revamp: walking through Madison Square Park with historian Kenneth Jackson and taking cues from the historic restaurants that have bordered the park.

When asked, in reference to the restaurant's criticized and possibly abandoned narrative speeches during a meal, "Do you believe that good food is not enough, that you have to create an experience?" Humm responds, "I believe that there needs to be restaurants on all different levels. There are restaurants to just feed people, to just get together. And then there are restaurants that want to tell a story."

Video: Daniel Humm on Charlie Rose

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Eleven Madison Park

11 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10010

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