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Is This $175 Carla Hall Pop-Up Dinner 'The Worst Deal'?

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The Bad Deal's Ryan Sutton finds what possibly "could be the WORST DEAL we've seen in a long time." The deal in question is a $175 per person pop-up dinner with The Chew host Carla Hall at the New York City Bloomingdale's restaurant Burke in the Box, courtesy of Living Social. Per the deal, Hall will be whipping up four courses of mac & cheese, a single bite of chicken, meatloaf and banana pudding — and, hooray, all attendees will get gift bags of cookies and a gift certificate for wine. Sutton breaks it down:

So just so we have this straight (and we apologize if we don't) this is a four-course meal of comfort food at $350 for two, which would have originally cost $798, all prepared by a chef who doesn't, to the best of our research, currently work in an actual restaurant. Yep, it's a BAD DEAL.

Sutton recommends the tasting menu at Torrisi instead, despite the distinct lack of $350 opportunities to take a photograph with Carla Hall there. Fortunately, not that many people have bought the deal yet so there's still plenty of time to get in on that.

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