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Conan Writers Bemoan McRib Christmas Delay

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In a controversial-ish move, McDonald's has opted to push back the usual fall release of the faux-scarce McRib sandwich until Christmastime, leaving the people of America with nothing to do but wait or, if they write for Conan O'Brien's late-night show on TBS, write punchy stand-up bits about how pissed they are at the fast food chain.

Conan writer Deon Cole, who is black, didn't want to play on racialized McRib-related stereotypes, so instead he upped the general hilarity by having khaki-clad white writer Brian Kiley read his rant instead. White dudes! They're so silly when they talk like black dudes! Especially about the McRib: "I noticed that white folks got their Shamrock Shakes on time, didn't they?"

Video: Brian Kiley Is Upset About The McRib Delay

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