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Starbucks Unveils Single-Serve Machine With 'Milk Pods'

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In a continuing effort to ensure that fewer and fewer people have any actual need or desire to visit a Starbucks for coffee, the company announced today that it will begin selling single-cup "Verisimo" coffee machines for $199 and $399. The Starbucks selling point: Verisimo makes cups of coffee with actual milk, delivered via "milk pods." From the New York Times:

"Our research and development team cracked the code on being able to create a latte using real milk with a proprietary piece of technology," said Howard Schultz, the chief executive of Starbucks. "There's no other single-cup machine that makes a latte with fresh milk just like we make it in our stores."
It's the next step in Starbucks' continuing crusade on behalf of real fresh actual milk, from cows that make milk, which is real, as opposed to soy milk, which is not real and no longer included on the coffee giant's new Gold Card rewards program.

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