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Voice-Activated Popinator Aims Popcorn Into Your Mouth

Practically everything about the Popinator, a "fully automated, voice activated popcorn shooter" seems like it should be straight parody, but folks: the future pretty much is now. People at Midwestern snack company Popcorn Indiana developed the Popinator to respond to the word "pop," shooting individual pieces of popcorn toward the voice of origin with remarkable accuracy—because what else do you do if you live in Indiana?

In a video produced to explain the intricate machinery and engineering prowess that brought the Popinator to life—including an electrical engineer in an I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness band t-shirt describing its binaural microphone system—employees of Popcorn Indiana preach the Popinator gospel.

Video: The Popinator

UPDATE: Turns out, those initial parody-sensing, bloggerly instincts were true, but Eater didn't get the sweet access CNN did to the Popcorn Indiana offices, where they reveal that the Popinator is actually remote controlled, not voice-activated. Life is a sham and nothing is real, everybody quit.

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