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Of Course There's a 50 Shades of Chicken Cookbook

Just what the world needed, a cookbook parody of best-selling erotic fiction novel Fifty Shades of Grey. This fall, an anonymous "established food industry professional" under the pen name FL Fowler plans to publish a book titled Fifty Shades of Chicken, featuring recipes like Mustard Spanked Chicken and Dripping Thighs. As the author tells People magazine:

The recipe and headnotes follow a chef and his chicken on an emotional journey very much like the original trilogy. ...You start with an overbearing cook and a pigheaded chicken but by the end they're spanking and tying each other up like soul mates.

The tied-up roast chicken on its cover was inspiration for the book in the first place, as the author explains: "one day as I was tying up the ankles of a chicken for roasting, I realized why some of the scenes in the book were so strikingly familiar. It turns out I've been practicing BDSM for years – but with poultry." Indeed, this isn't the first time chicken has been sexily styled in food media and it likely won't be the last. Fifty Shades of Chicken will be released on November 13, at which point it will undoubtedly become one of America's most cherished cookbooks of all time.

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