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David Chang Wants Kiwi Chef's Hands Off His Buns

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A New Zealand chef likes David Chang's buns, and he cannot lie: indeed, he likes them so much that he hosted "Momofuku Bao Pop-up Dining" dinners, much to the dismay of the Momofuku chef, who is rather fond of his culinary intellectual property. Chang sent a five-page cease-and-desist letter to Auckland's Ben Barton after discovering Barton was using the Momofuku name and bao recipe from Chang's 2009 restaurant cookbook at his D.O.C. Bar events. Via the New Zealand Herald, Barton thinks the whole thing is totes hilarious:

"It kind of made our night. After spending hours making this really long-winded, fiddly recipe, we get phone calls and messages threatening us with legal action ... We saw the funny side of it," Mr Barton said.
According to the Herald, D.O.C. Bar has stopped using the Momofuku name from their promotional materials, but they're not bowing out on serving bao.

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