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Two Classic Madrid Restaurants Close Due to Economy

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Photo: Tamorlan/Wikimedia

Two classic Madrid restaurants, Jockey and Balzac, have succumbed to Spain's struggling economy and shut their doors for good. The blog Gastroeconomy takes a look at the histories of both restaurants, which closed their doors at the end of the summer without much or any fanfare, and confirms that they won't be coming back.

Jockey, founded in 1945, was one of the city's most important power lunch restaurants, frequented by businessmen and politicians. Up until 2000, it even held a Michelin star. Balzac, on Moreto Street, was slightly less expensive (50 Euro average check, compared with Jockey's 90 Euro average) but did foster local cooking talents like Andrés Madrigal, César Martín, and Gonzalo Omiste. So, it appears that Spain's economy isn't just stifling modern cuisine. It's hitting stalwarts you'd think could weather any storm.

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