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Cat Cora Breaks Her Legendary Silence on the Future of Food, Robots, and Space Farming

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Noted robotics expert, drunk driver, and Iron Chef Cat Cora talked to the continental breakfast journal the USA Today and revealed her radical thoughts about the future of food and cooking. Currently in the middle of a three-year probation for a DUI back in June, Cora shared her predictions of the next 30 years in food preparation (the story is somehow pegged to the USA Today's 30 year anniversary). The future of food, according to Cat Cora, includes voice-activated kitchens, "android robots," and assistant avatars. Cora, who also holds a degree in holographic projection systems, said: "Even if you can't boil water, your personal avatar -- which will look like you -- will walk you through all of the steps."

As far as dining out, Cora dares to predict a "decline" in the restaurant business because of all the technology located in the home. Also, waiters will be "replaced by computerized, order-taking devices." Cora foresees that "[f]oodies will go from minority to majority," and corporate fast food will be unrecognizable, evolving into some sort of Alice Waters ideal dream-state. "Either McDonald's will adjust, or it will go by the wayside," said Cora, who believes in the intelligence and capability of America. "We are an intelligent, highly capable country; therefore, we know our health and our planet rely on seasonal, local and sustainable foods."

But the true future of food will be in outer space. "I think in 30 years the single most surprising thing in food is gonna be food in space travel." said Cora, who has "spoken with NASA officials" about developing recipes for space shuttle flights. "And how are we going to take food into a a realm that's not just freeze-dried but really having full, you know, wholesome, delicious, organic sustainable types of food in space." Space food, apparently, is "an obsession" for the chef of restaurants located in exclusive locations like airports, Macy's, and Disneyworld. "It would be very exciting," she says, "to explore foods that can possibly be grown in space."

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