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New York City to Ban Giant Sugary Drinks

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In an effort to curb the obesity epidemic, the New York City Board of Health has voted in favor of a (Jamie Oliver-approved) ban on "sugary drinks" over 16 ounces, reports the New York Times. As long as it's not blocked by a judge, six months from now New Yorkers will not be able to purchase sodas and a few other beverages over 16 ounces from anywhere that gets inspected by the Health Department. If that sounds like it has a lot of loopholes, it does: the ban affects restaurants, movie theaters, and stadium vendors, but not convenience stores. (So Big Gulps are safe.) Below, specifics on the ban:

Drinks Affected by the Ban
· Full Calorie ("Nondiet") Sodas
· Sweetened Ice Tea
· Energy Drinks
· Sports Drinks

Drinks Not Affected by the Ban
· Fruit Juice
· Milkshakes
· Other Dairy Drinks (Lattes, etc.)
· Alcohol
· Diet Sodas
· Smoothies

Vendors Affected by the Ban
· Restaurants
· Movie Theaters
· Stadium Concessions
· Anywhere that gets a graded inspection from the Health Department.

Vendors Not Affected by the Ban
· Convenience Stores
· Vending Machines
· "Some" News Stands
· Anywhere that sells soda but is not graded by the Health Department.

So, does this mean that a 20 ounces soda during a movie is wrong but it's totally okay to hook yourself up to an IV of milkshake? And can you order as large a glass of Coke as you want, so long as it has rum in it? Are New York health inspectors going to roam restaurants trying to determine whether that huge glass is full of diet soda? Does this mean the city will finally stop running those gross anti-soda ads? Stay tuned.

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