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Watch Massimo Bottura's Presentation From MAD 2012

Photo: MAD/Facebook

The video of Osteria Francescana chef Massimo Bottura's presentation from July's MAD Symposium is now online. In the twenty-minute speech, Bottura talks effusively about his approach to cooking and how art inspires what he does at his three-star-Michelin restaurant in Modena, Italy. He specifically focuses on the idea that he likes to embrace and engage tradition in a way that is "critical but without nostalgia," which echoes the sentiments in the video he showed at the conference last year and in a recent interview he did with Eater. Stay tuned for the last few minutes, in which Bottura presents an unrelated but hilarious, sinister short film lampooning Italian grandmothers who boast about making the best tortellini.

Video: Massimo Bottura at MAD 2012

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Osteria Francescana

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