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The Bachelor Pad's Chris Bukowski Reveals Shocking New Details About His Upcoming 'Ladies Style' Bar

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Bachelor Pad/Bachelorette really real reality person Chris Bukowski is opening a sports bar for ladies in Washington, DC soon, and Eater DC got a whole bunch of intel on the concept from a media preview/finale viewing party for Bachelor Pad. This year's Bachelor Pad winner Nick Peterson — who took this season's $250,000 prize and ran — was there, as were a 170-inch flat screen television, a life-sized cardboard cutout of Bukowski, and a cake with a giant frosting rose.

First of all, Bukowski sets the record straight: "It's not going to be like everything is going to be pink." The bar will get its lady-theme from the food, which will be "small plates that you [get in a] tapas restaurant, Italian, Greek, we'll even throw a Polish dish in there." Nothing says lady sports bar like Polish tapas.

Do women need a sports bar just for them? Says Bukowksi, "I don't think women need a sports bar, but I do think women need a place to go where they can and have affordable food and have a very casual setting." Well, okay. But they do need a place to watch reality television: the bar will host viewing parties for the Bachelor and the Bachelorette, naturally.

There is oh so much more where that came from over on Eater DC. >>>