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Even Canada Has Molecular Gastronomy Now

Juniper Kitchen & Wine Bar, a restaurant in Ottawa, Canada, is now serving inhalable dinners using a French invention called Le Whaf. Yes, as in dinners that you breath instead of eat, because why the hell not. It is such a momentous achievement for Canadian gastronomy that the CBC did a report on it. According to Juniper chef Norman Aitken, "It's like a vase that has ultrasound implanted into the bottom of it, so it agitates the liquid hard enough and fast enough that it will create a cloud." Well, that clears things up.

Anyway, Aitken says they're not charging for Le Whaf: "Am I going to charge for it? No. How are you supposed to charge for air?" If anything's better than molecular gastronomy, it's free molecular gastronomy. And besides, it's probably worth every penny of media coverage they've received. Here's the CBC's coverage:

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Juniper Kitchen & Wine Bar

245 Richmond Road Ottawa, ON K1Z 6W7, Canada