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Watch the Second, Bloody Trailer For Next's Kyoto Menu

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Grant Achatz's chameleon-like restaurant Next served its last Sicily dinner last night, and so now it's obviously time for a violent teaser video of their Kyoto menu. That's right: the Japanese noir theme from the first teaser continues into this new trailer, and this time things get bloody. "He was my husband," read the subtitles of a woman's narration. "Obsessed with finding the greatest food in the world, but he knew he could never become a great chef. Not even my tears could season his sauces. So he decided to kill the world's greatest chefs because that's all he knew how to do. Now he's killed them all." One hopes he spared Achatz and Next executive chef Dave Beran, at least, or there won't be a Kyoto menu at all. Warning: NSFW, if your work isn't into bloody restaurant trailers.

Video: Next Kyoto Teaser #2

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