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Lousy Tippers Website a Cesspool of Racism, Adulterated Food, and Threats (With Home Addresses)

[Tip Photo: rankingfuuta. Addresses and other identifying information have been removed from the Lousy Tippers screenshots on account of being super uncool.]

Do bad tippers deserve to be publicly shamed and, in some cases, threatened? One delivery driver has set up a website that, either through design or practice, does both of those things: the Lousy Tipper Database has been around since 2007, but is starting to get attention. With the slogan "There is a consequence," the Database lists the names, addresses, check total and tip amount for reader submitted Lousy Tippers across the country. (The Database has standards for tippage; also they don't include kids, old people or handicapped people on the list.)

The list also includes some nasty, ugly comments. In some cases the person who submitted an entry encourages readers to "Call or text [the bad tippers'] ass" about their habits, alongside what seem to be actual phone numbers. Comments from enraged servers range from incredibly racist ("Blacks never tip. They think its included in $4 per hour wage And those dumb ass darks want 40 acres and a mule") to xenophobic ("Stay in what ever foreign country you live in PLEASE"). Some of the entries threaten adulterated food: "Your tea is 1/4 my piss." "Another customer that deserves the shit we do to his food." "You must love my spit because you eat it all the time." There are currently almost 6,000 entries on the list.

The site's founder is anonymous, but many of the early entries in the database are from the Lexington, Kentucky area. As s/he is/was a delivery driver, most of the entries seem to be based on delivery tips, although the site does allow for bad tippers of all kinds from fine dining to bars to tips for cruise employees, valets, and doormen.

The Database does accept objections to the list, although they give the server/delivery person who submitted the entry another chance to "verify the info" before they pull it. The site says, "Second chances are a wonderful thing." So why allow all the hateful comments and publish potentially dangerous data?

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