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9 Dirtiest Lines From Rachael Ray on the Late Late Show

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When television personality Rachael Ray stopped by The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson Tuesday night, things got a little vulgar. Host Craig Ferguson even admits to Ray, "I'm very creepy with you Rachael, I don't know what it is." (She thinks it's because she brings him burgers.) Below, the nine creepiest, dirtiest lines from the segment, as well as the video so you know none of the lines are made up — NSFW, obviously.

Ray, who is married, gives Ferguson a burger.
CF: I'd marry you, I'd marry you right now.
RR: Can we have multiples? Is that allowed?
CF: Yeah, if you're on TV it's all right.
RR: It's sort of like a Big Mac. A marriage Big Mac.

Ferguson gets hamburger all over his face. Ray wipes it off with her hand.
RR: You've got it all, all over you. I was in such a rush I couldn't grab a napkin, so we'll just use me.
CF: Oh, I would. I'd get mashed 'taters on you any time.

On the back cover of Ray's new book, The Book of Burger.
CF: Oh look, that's nice. A pretty girl in a dress with a bunch of things to eat. There's nothing better than that. You know who doesn't like that? Only people who doesn't like that: al Qaeda. And even al Qaeda's like, "Oh, I don't know, Rachael's pretty cute."

Ferguson squeezes cheese from a can.
RR: You're so generous!
CF: Well, once it starts, it's very difficult to stop it.

RR: I am a cheese in a can virgin. She takes a bite. A lot like many of our first experiences, a little bit sticky and not that memorable.

RR: This season will be in HD, so I'm going to be getting a lot of facials.
The audience laughs hysterically.
CF: The audience is kind of ahead of me tonight.

CF: Role playing. That's how women in business — when you have the conference, you do the roleplaying, sometimes a business can be adversarial, and that's when you have the roleplaying. I'm talking about pillow fights.

They're ostensibly talking about going to the Super Bowl.
CF: I'd like to go down there, I really like it down there.
RR: It's beautiful, what a sexy city.
CF: Oh, yeah, New Orleans, too, I want to go there too.

CF: You bring out extra creepiness in me, and I got a lot of creepy going on anyway.
RR: Well, the way to anybody's creepy is through their stomach.
CF: Well, and it's you. It's the voice, it's the food, it's the sensual nature of food.
RR: And the fact that I can slather mashed potatoes on people.

Video: Rachael Ray on the Late Late Show

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